What is Assets Management Software

Assets Management is the management of (primarily) physical assets (their selection, maintenance, inspection and renewal) which plays a key role in determining the operational performance and profitability of industries that operate assets as part of their core business. Additional categories of assets covered by the scope of this discipline, including information, finance, competence and other intangibles so far, as they are related to asset management decisions.
Assets Management System (AMS)
Assets Management Process
Assets Management software

Why Asset Management?

At least 85% of a typical organization's total annual expenditures are associated with two areas - its operations or maintenance personnel and its capital budget.

Three fundamental questions drive most of the expenditure decisions:

  • What work should my operations and maintenance crews be doing, where, and why?
  • Which capital projects to undertake, when, and why?
  • When to repair, when to refurbish, and when to replace?

In short, AM has shown to be a powerful tool on two separate fronts:

  • Effectively allocating resources on day-to-day basis.
  • Gives a clear picture to decision/policy makers, if investments have to be made in operations, maintenance, and capital spending or other significant decisions can be made on the basis of this information.
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The Assets Management "Paradigm"

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  • The capacity to produce output of value to our customers is directly related to sustained performance of our assets using the process of triple bottom line evaluation of the services provided utilizing environmental, social and economic analysis.
  • Failures in the asset base directly affect system performance.
  • Sustained system performance is the result of successfully managing failure within the asset base.
  • Investment in assets (their acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal and disposal) should be guided by the likelihood of failure and its consequence to the customer and regulator.

Advantages of Assets Management System

  • Presents expertise, proper interpretation, effectiveness and risk management altogether.
  • Allows the most appropriate investment action to be taken by pursuing national and international markets.
  • Evaluates the return opportunities for its clients by pursuing new products offered in financial markets.
  • Ensures clients to focus on their core business.