Helpdesk Software

Our helpdesk software helps you respond to incidents/request on time, manage assets, and improve employee satisfaction.

Helpdesk manager can view complete incident details along with employee and other information. Helpdesk managers can easily reassign incidents to other team members or groups to balance the workload and maximize overall team effectiveness.

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Helpdesk Management Software benefits

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  • Allows employees to log issues, complaints or queries using the helpdesk form
  • Configure and create helpdesk areas and assign responsible parties
  • Define and set up escalation hierarchy

Self Service Portal

Users have 24x7 access to the Help Desk
No Phone calls, No Email requests finally reduces all your staffs' workload in minutes.

You'll find it so simple:
Employee Helpdesk makes ticket creation an easy task through predefined methods. As result, one only require a minimum time for creating a ticket and IT administrators

can eliminate the need for manual classification of tickets, since Helpdesk takes care of the most. Service Requests clearly defines the due by time and sets expectation level for new requests, making tickets completely organized and collect the details based on categorization of trouble tickets.

Automated escalations
Email/SMS based notification of escalations and resolutions. View reports of all outstanding, opened, closed and resolved issues/complaints.
Helpdesk Software
Employee help desk

Work Flow management

Configure approvals to define the right process and to make sure that the request fits into the budget. The newly enhanced multi-level approval stages helps in configuring the service request for multiple approvers. Display Approvals tab in the 'Requests module' for Requesters which helps in notifying the status of the service request.

Auto-assign technicians:
Assign the technicians automatically through round robin and load balancing methods soon after the service request is approved.

Task management:
Define different tasks for each request and configure their dependencies to get completed in a sequential manner. The ability to select a requester to edit the request and fill in the needed information in Service request is supported.

Service Level Agreements:
Define Service Level Agreements for each service to ensure that the service is delivered as agreed upon time. The Service Catalog can be customized to organizations.

needs by configuring them to display 'agreed upon time' even before creating the service request