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Mail Room SoftwareThe mailroom is a type of room in which incoming and outgoing mails are processed and sorted. The mailroom process begins with receiving, opening, sorting and batching critical documents.

About Mailroom

Mail Room Solution is the one which ultimately saves your business time and money. It is a full-featured, powerful and advanced system that will make your mailing operation quite productive. It has splendid mailing features such as file management, data exchange, address quality and postal presorting. The bottom line:
Mailroom allows your business to provide better customer services.It is Pretty User friendly, easy to set up and use as it is available both online and offline. This solution can process your information swiftly and cost effectively. 
Who We Serve
The Mail Room Solution service is being used by wide-variety of organizations including:
  • Small businesses
  • Large corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Credit unions
  • Insurance companies
  • Medical organizations
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Features of Mail Room Solutions

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  • Custom built software for complete document control.
  • Scanning and control of all bulk outbound communication like policy documents, statements and marketing mailers.
  • Scanning and dispatching of day to day correspondences whether inbound or outbound.
  • Tracking of every document through software with user departments.
  • Desktop query modules.
  • Capture telecalling and data cleaning of all returned articles to close the loop.
  • Complete MIS to monitor all dispatch channels to control costs and enhance effectiveness of all documents flow.
  • Outsource your mailroom functions to the experts for cost effective and error-free communication operations.
Our clients
“Smart products designed keeping you in mind.”
These are few names of the organizations which are enjoying the benefits of this software.
India BullsMax New York Life InsuranceDLF

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