Smartphone Application

For real-time proof of delivery and tracking

Real time POD App is a mobile software for real-time Proof of DELIVERY and TRACKING of items. Whatever the item is there ,it offers the ability to record delivery and collection operations with a mobile device running Android and iOS mobile systems/Operating systems. It’s simple design allows managing the delivery operations in a few clicks.
The Highlights:
  • Decrease time searching for papers.
  • Reduce costs by lowering employee headcount.
  • Higher profits and reduced burdens.
  • Cut back wait time.
  • Scale up operations effortlessly.
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Features of Real Time POD

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  • Provide real time data on package status.
  • Immediately knows when product was delivered.
  • Provide proof of delivery electronically.
  • Knows where your delivery personnel are.
  • Improves productivity with comprehensive reports.
  • Obtains real time and updated information.
Signature of Proof provides real-time feedback on the status of delivery. It helps you to be the leader in customer service by letting your customers know that their delivery has been made in timely fashion.
It’s easy:
  to arrive at a recipient’s home,
  to deliver your packets,
  to get the signature proof and update instantly
and you now have proof of delivery in your records.

The courier company can record all the delivered items pretty easily. Capturing the proof of delivery is also quite easy. All information is then uploaded automatically to Data Centre which has to be published on the web within minutes after the item has been delivered. This software can take any courier company to it's zenith.

Real Time proof of delivery and tracking
Real Time POD