What is Visitor Management Software

The security requirements of large organizations and infrastructure are challenging and growing rapidly. Visitors should be screened, registered, signed in quickly and allowed to visit only the relevant areas via integration with access control devices.
Visitor Management System
Visitor Management Benefits
Visitor Management Software


  • Key Process Indicators & Custom Reports – development engines enable easy analysis and control.
  • Self service, Pre–registration options reducing visitor registration time / delays.
  • System remembers visitors revisiting and eliminates repeated data entry.
  • Integration with emails / exchange server provides operational efficiency.
  • Integration with Access Control systems provides excellent security management.
  • Efficient and effective tracking of all visitors.
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Features of Visitor Management System

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  • Web based Visitor Request (VRQ) module with group visitor entry and update allowing easy application deployment and convenient usage for the entire enterprise.
  • Integration with ASIS access control solution with on-line issuing, checking and returning of visitor access cards for higher security and movement tracking.
  • Visitor's historical records are kept in database for blacklist verification and automatic data update of repeat visitors.

Visitor and Office Management

In most organizations, Visitor management consists of visitors scribbling their name in a paper book. Touch Point is a unique Visitor Management Software that assists you in professionalizing the manner in which you can manage your incoming and outgoing visitors whether they are planned or not and thus improving the efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of your business.